Forest & Environment Acts

On this page, we are dealing with the topic – Forest & Environment Acts. National Green Tribunal, Coastal Regulation Zones, Schedule Tribe and Other Forest Dwellers Act, Bio-Diversity Act these are the main important acts and you are going to deal with everything related to the current affairs.

  • Indian Forest Act – 1927
  • Kerala Forest Act – 1961
  • Wildlife Protection Act – 1972
  • Water Act – 1974
  • Central Pollution Control Board – 1974
  • Air Act – 1981
  • Environmental Protection Act – 1986
  • Montreal Protocol – 1987
  • Kyoto Protocol – 1997
  • National Green Tribunal – 2010

National Green Tribunal Act

This is the statutory body, that is brought about under the law established under the National Green Tribunal Act of 2010. NGT that is the National Green Tribunal was set up to reduce the burden of the codes and for the speedy environmental justice. It has two main objectives that reduce the burden of the codes and speedy environmental justice. Giving justice should be comprised of experts panel. Deals with the cases of environmental protection and conservation of Forests.

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