Factors that can easily de-motivate your employees

One can safely say that there are hundreds of employees out there who are not motivated enough and are not performing their tasks to complete the productivity level. According to a research based in the U.S region, it was found that every 1 in 4 non-management employee was not satisfied with the organization and was de-motivated. This means that despite all the management and leadership theories as well as ideas to keep your employees motivated, there is a serious lack of progress and ample room for improvement.

Employee motivation is one thing which is very critical to the success of the organization. It can make or break the company. If employees are motivated, it will eventually result in numerous short or long term benefits. Cost efficiency, higher productivity and out of the box ideas to improve the way organization works and find a competitive edge are some of the benefits to name from. It is simply the case of making the best use of resources; employee motivation is no rocket science. The only way to achieve it, however, is to come down to earth from your position of power and understanding the needs of every employee in the organization as well as collectively. Today’s guest post is not going to talk about the ways to motivate the employees, but in fact we will focus on things that can actually de-motivate your employees.

Using your position power

This is one of the biggest factors in organizations around the world. When managers start to use their position power for irrelevant reasons only to show who is the boss around, results in nothing but a bad impression and poor employee motivation. A good leader and manager always uses his position to move the organization towards growth, not to show or exert his powers on the subordinates for irrelevant reasons.

Letting the team do all the work and taking credit for it

Many managers are free riders. This means they are just like those college students who are a part of a really productive group, but they do absolutely nothing. When the group wins, they are the first ones to collect all the credits. Managers who make their team do all the work and in the end take the credit of the success as if they did everything are again the biggest contributors of employee motivation.

Treating your employees as machines

When an organization starts treating its employees as machines and not humans, then the employee motivation has to go down. Employees must be respected and their needs must be taken care of.

Not justifying the rewards

If within the organization, there is a lot of favoritism when it comes to promotions and rewards and the absence of merit, then employees who work hard only to see their efforts go down in vain will obviously become extremely de-motivated. If you really want to focus on employee motivation, then it is important that the culture of the organization is free from all politics and that the merit of the employee is given complete respect.

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