Benefits of Extra-Curricular Activities

Students are mostly shunned or discouraged from participating in extra-curricular activities by their parents. Mostly since most parents, especially from conventional backgrounds in Pakistan, do not see the worth of extra-curricular activities – as opposed to the bookish studies that help build a career. Hence, most students fail to excel in anything other than the career they choose.

Boost in Self-Confidence

Knowing something other than the course knowledge that everyone in your classroom studies about can give you an edge as compared to the others. Most people begin to look up to you for the skills and interests that you might have that they probably do not possess. Moreover, this gives you a boost in self-worth that you are capable of doing things that other people are probably unskilled for. This self-confidence will help you achieve greater goals in life, without being too apprehensive about your polished skills.

Side Job Opportunities

Once you pursue your higher education, irrespective of the field you choose, you will feel the need to divert your mind by doing things that you are good at. Moreover, having experience in extra-curricular activities like sports, writing and declamation can land you undergrad jobs as well – since you have already mastered the skill set and increased your worth above the average lot!

A few students who were part of their literary societies in their younger years already possessed the writing and researching skills – hence they started offering MPhil thesis writing service to earn a few extra bucks on the side. It is always advised that you follow two different suits in life – one that gives you joy and the other that helps you earn good money.

Scholarship Opportunities

Quite a few internationally renowned institutions offer scholarships on the basis of excellent extra-curricular performance. Not every student is destined to take up demanding fields like engineering and medicine! That is why if you are interested in some sport or musical instrument, you must spend time perfecting it. If you possess the necessary skills, then you surely make it into a possibly top-tiered university!

There are several students who resort to THESIS WRITING HELP for essays related to various fields – since they were forced into picking that specific field by their parents. You must never forsake your passion just to apparently secure your future. If you are good at something, you are bound to excel at it and become successful!

Personality Development

Just like everyone at your university, you too will graduate as a one-dimensional person with just a degree as their biggest achievement. That is if, you do not polish a particular skill set. What makes a writer who is also an MPhil student stand apart from someone who is merely a graduate in the same degree? You probably guessed it by the sound of it – their passion, work ethic, willpower and over ambitiousness will be evident in the way they present themselves.
In fact, any sport or other hobby instills in you the traits that are required to perfect it. No wonder, your personality becomes more refined through them.

Social and Professional Upper Hand

People are naturally drawn towards people who are more happening and motivated to achieve things. Through practicing your hobbies, you broaden your horizons from joining like-minded communities or meeting new people in the area of your interest. Moreover, you end up learning and even in some cases start influencing the people around you to follow your passion.


Participating in extra-curricular activities helps you explore your untapped talents. It is crucial that you understand the importance of this journey of self-exploration and see a million things that your brain incapable of performing and perfecting!

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