The Exam Preparation Bible-Read The Guidelines!

Preparing for the exams is a student’s nightmare! As much as students enjoy being part of the college; making new friends and partying, they hate the part where they have to stay up all night to prepare for exams. From the most brilliant students to the average ones; everyone hates exam preparation time, as well as the nervousness and stress during exams. This is when, along with studying well, you should also remain calm and understand the tricky ways or in other term, strategies to solve your exam questions.  If you are not willing to spend your days locked in a room sipping coffee and learning, you should consider understanding the tricks to answer exam questions. Once you master these guidelines, you will be able to easily appear for the exams.

Make Strategies For Questions Regarding Quantitative Analysis

Firstly, understand the gist. See what actually is being asked and answer accordingly. There are times when students are in a hurry and begin writing before even trying to understand what is being asked. Avoid that mistake! Make a sketch and outline how you are going to analyze. Make clear the known figures and also understand which figures are missing that you are required to answer. Secondly, for numeric questions, formulate a rough answer and then start writing it in fair with step by step calculations. Teachers often emphasize on giving step wise calculated answers. In the end, try to revise your answers; do a critical review so that your answer is perfect and all the errors corrected.

Multiple Choice Questions Should Be Answered With Care

Although MCQS are the shortest questions and also have options available to choose from, it takes a lot of time to solve them! There are no lengthy answers to these brief MCQs so all you do is circle the correct answer. The sad part is that if you give the wrong answer, it takes away all the marks. So it’s either full mark or no mark for each question. Here is how you can solve these tricky questions. Give some time to reading the question carefully and then answer it. The trick to doing MCQs correctly without confusion is to not look at the options first. Formulate an answer in your mind and then look at the options to see which one matches. Another trick to answering these tricky questions is to cancel out all the options you think are not suitable. Cancelling out all the options will lead you to the last option, which most probably will be the right choice.

Essay Questions And How To Answer Them

Essay questions are the lengthiest ones to answer. This means you should have ample information about the subject so that you can write relevant data and stick to the actual topic given. Managing time is the key to writing an essay. Assign a specific time to each essay type question and stick to the time slot given. Creating an outline to plan your essay is the best way to begin. In this way, you will be able to include all the relevant information without including any unnecessary data that might be a problem. Conclusions are as important as the beginning of the essay so include useful recommendations and summarize your answer in the best way possible.

True Or False? Do It The Right Way!

It might seem to students as the easiest type of questions in the exams, but these are the most difficult ones in reality. Why? Because firstly the option is either true or false, this means scoring or losing marks. Secondly, these are given by your teachers to test your knowledge about intricate details from the book or facts so you have to be adept in factual knowledge for scoring top marks in this area.

All these strategies are pretty simple, but these do no become obvious until you are told about them. Try to remain calm and quiet during your exam.Also, the most important thing that almost every student does not understand is that you should take a good amount of sleep before the exam day. Research shows that the students who take complete sleep before the paper perform better than the ones who stay up all night. It is obvious that the brain needs rest and will work the best when it is fresh. Other than that, don’t waste your time trying to cheat or ask your friends around because it is never going to help, instead it can get you into trouble. Remember, the idea is to learn, understand and never focus on rote learning!

Author Bio: The author, Edina Clark is a college professor and has been associated with the education institutes for around 25 years. She contributes articles at do my essay about academic tips and tricks for students.

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