Effective tips for Exam preparation

Study, study, study flies with the wind in the air when exam weeks get nearer, some try to inhale all the information with each breath and some try to absorb with just touching the books. It is the time when students feel stressful because they have to cover the entire syllabus in just a short time period. How is this possible to soak the entire syllabus while being in the stressful environment? So, be relax her is a uniform way and proven techniques for assessing the performance of yours and for staying focused on the preparation of exams.

Give yourself enough time to study

Remember you are not going to leave till the last minute, many of the students use to follow a technique of studying just a while before the exams, and that almost everybody uses to do. Keep in your mind this is not the right thing, it is the way of revising not of learning. Make a proper time table for your study, list the subjects or courses that you are having in this semester, fit them in according with the days left for your exams. Organize it in a comfortable way; don’t make things stressful for you.

Organize your study space

Choose the place where you can spread your study stuff like notes, guidebooks, stationary and others. Make sure you are having proper light, it is important to have good health in exams for better results. Check the place where you are sitting is proper for sitting?  Is your chair comfortable? Keep the electronic stuff aside, if possible then turn them off for a few days. I know this is impossible so keep it away from your sight at the study time. Find the place where you feel hard to get distracted, the place where you experience the feeling for study and keep your focus only on the study. For some people, this place could be the one there is no sound, and for some, it could be with the background music, for some it could be completely clean and organized and for some, it could be a messy environment. This depends on the thinking and choice of a person that where they feel comfortable.

Use flow charts and diagrams

For revision, the best technique is to see visual ads. Choose a topic from your syllabus and challenge yourself that you know each and everything about it; it could be possible only if you have prepared the topic before. Write every point that is in your knowledge and is in context with the topic, and then match it with your notes check where you are wrong and highlight the gaps or false statements. Make your notes short as much as you can, arrange the whole topic in a page by structuring a diagram, this short points will remind you the description behind it in your revision time.

Practice on old exams

It is better to check the criteria of exams by going through a past one, this will suggest you the type of questions and the format as well. It is a good practice for polishing your analytical skills.

Explain your answers to others

Make use of the family members at the exam time don’t let them disturb you and aggravating around you. Give them notes and explain the theme of the questions or topic, it is the best way of getting things in the head. It is always helpful, I don’t know the reason of it, but it could be due to the fear of showing yourself not prepared for exams. They will state you the lacking or perfection in preparation and can highlight the area where you are required to do more work.

Organize study groups with friends

Arrange a study session with your friends. Friends should be fellows that have the knowledge about the same subject. Discuss the topic and ask questions from each other unless you get the clear idea about things. Highlight the things that you did not know before this session, it is considered as an effective way as new opinions come around you.

Take regular breaks

The process of absorbing all the knowledge in a while could be counterproductive. Allow yourself time for rest, for charging your mind and doing things in a better way. Mark breaks time in your study schedule. Do the study in the morning, at that time you will be fresh as you have taken sleep in the night and now your mind is activated for doing complex things. You can do it in the night, afternoon as well, choose the time when you feel better whether it’s morning, afternoon or night that doesn’t matter.

Snack on ‘brain food’

Things you eat have a contribution in your study’s effectiveness. Eat nutritious food for supplying fuel to your brain, stay away from junk food it will impact your study. Eat fish, nuts, berries, seeds and yogurt. With continuous study the sugar level of the body gets low and for maintaining it a good diet is required.

Plan your exam day

Prepare the stuff before your exams, don’t rely on the last moment there must be many things that you have to execute at that time. Make the directions for yourself that you have to follow for exam day, check the requirements and plan your route. It is better to take a trip a day before the exam, watch out the time that will require you for reaching the place and do the addition of some extra minutes. Try to be punctual, late arrivals often get puzzled.

Drink plenty of water

Last but not the least, being hydrated is important for your mind, as it is in continuous exercise so for relaxing it and using it in the best way keep drinking water. Make it sure that you are drinking plenty of water till your whole exams as well as in the revision time.
These tips are including each and every factor that has importance in the preparation of exam. Do follow them for the best outcome of your effort.

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