CV as the Best Tool to Make Hiring Manager Smile

You have come across that amazing job you want. Yes, that one with a cool boss, smart co-workers, free snacks in the office, and more? You know how to get it and it’s through writing a killer resume. You have five seconds to impress the hiring manager and convince them you’re the right fit for the job.

Unless you are so good with your skills or have a good network to tap into, you will face stiff competition from other candidates. The only way out of this is by securing yourself an interview with the recruiter and you have to convince them on paper that you are the best.

So, how will pull this off and write a killer cover letter that makes you likable and makes the hiring manager smile? Here are some tips.

Mention why you are interested in the job and company

Recruiters never want to feel like you are feeding them with the same pathetic cover letter examples over and over again. Instead, they want to read something special and interesting to want to know more about you. Give them a reason to do that through your resume. You need to clarify that you have decided to choose this organization for specific reasons. And ensure they are not the normal reasons that everyone else is highlighting.

Connect with the company’s mission

Your cover letter should not be generic. You need to explain to the recruiters that you are the best candidate they should consider for this position. Start by analyzing the organization’s work and find out what really drew your interest to be part of it.

Do their values align with your own? If you get clear answers about this, you’ll be able to write a killer resume. If you have a passion for charity, include it. Recruiters will see that you have the potential to be part of other beneficial activities and they will know you are the right fit for the position.

Outline what you can deliver to the company

Just about anyone can list what they have done. But recruiters are interested in those who perform. It is not about just making a general revelation of “I’m great!” You need to make study the job description and state your actions that will contribute the organization success. Identify the key requirements and priorities for the job, and state clearly that you can deliver on these key issues.

Include a special section in your letter that starts with, “This is what I can deliver in this role.” Then expound on your strengths based on the requirements of the role. Tell the recruiters of what you have achieved so that they can understand that you could be a great part of their team.

Address the Cover Letter to a Specific Person within the Organization

If you are keen to read through some of the resumes even those from professional essay writing services, most people start with the line “To Whom it May Concern.” There is no employee at any company with that name. So, avoid that completely. You need to address a real person to whom you want to direct the letter to.

This may seem hard especially when you have to search all over for the name of the Human Resource manager to include in your resume. But it’s easier than you think. Go to LinkedIn and do a People search using their respective company’s name as your search term. Go through the list of people working in that company until you find the actual person who appears to be the hiring manager. If you cannot find one, try looking for an internal recruiter, the head of HR, or any other senior person in the organization. Address your letter to that person.

Tell an interesting story, one that is not on your CV

People love stories more than statistical datasheets. So, what interests you to join the company? What will you bring to the company? Did the product and service make an impact in your life? Just tell a story and an interesting one for that case. This will excite the hiring manager and they will want to hire you. So, when writing your resume, be honest and realistic. Of course, rules can be bent especially if you want a job so bad, but you need to take into consideration the above tips. Use them and write a killer CV that will make the HR smile.

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