Considering Yourself A Failure? – Reasons for Rejection at a Job Interview

With the increasing numbers of firms and organizations, many new young graduates, as well as young professionals, are seeking help by enrolling themselves within these organizations. This snowball effect, which is the growing number of grads as well as the companies has resulted in an intense and fierce competition. Many companies are following the advice, which is the survival of the fittest hence, mostly, not all people get the job they desire for. Competition has increased and so is the demand for the best, no organization allows young grads and other jobless persons to enter their firm, provided that they are well suited and match hundred percent with their company’s demands.

This is one of the reasons for unemployment to be on the rise, companies fail to accept even though there is no lack of talent or expertise. Rather than the process of employment, many companies are on the verge of downsizing because of apparent reasons, most importantly being the capital. Let us discuss why professionals, especially young grads who are quite motivated and inspired enough are not hired by the respective companies.


It is usually said that confidence is the key to success, but its opposite, which is overconfidence can lead to sudden disasters in every field or aspect of life. One has to be careful enough, especially during the first interviews, the pretentious know it all candidates are mostly not liked and welcomed by the organizations. Of course, confidence is notable, but overconfidence leads to doubt. Hence, do not assume that you are Mr. know it all! In short, balance yourself between confidence and overconfidence, because the latter can put off the employers.

Lack of Proper Expertise

Due to the changing nature of the jobs, many companies are revisiting their visions and missions and are initiating policy changes as well. This has allowed a deep filtering of the applying candidates that allows only specific and few grads to fill in space. It does not mean that a candidate is a complete failure or does not possess or incorporate the talents, but it might be the case that some candidates do not fulfill the preferred requirements.

Body Language

Communication is not merely done through words, but it is a process initiated by facial movements, hands, arms, shoulders as well as other body movements. One of the reasons for rejection is that preparation was not done in terms of body movement expressions. These movements are a great medium of interpreting messages and can have a negative impact if not properly used by the candidates.

Not Being True to Yourself

This is a common mistake which is performed by many candidates especially young grads, this is often included in lying since many people mention their abilities or past experiences not in an honest way but just to make things up. This might come in your way and be another reason for rejection since lying is totally not acceptable by corporations, this comes in insincerity and is considered as an element of dishonesty which is not counted as a good first impression at all.

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