Common mistakes to avoid in the job interview

Every year several job aspirants appear for interviews but most of them are likely to commit same errors. Maybe it is the general quality of the aspirants or the lack of understanding but majority of the sales job seekers end up doing blunders in their interviews. Expert’s comment that most of the job aspirants are not aware of what commercial teams expect from them and glaring mistakes like these may imply that the interview is over. Though there are several grave gaffes and worse statements but let’s not focus on what is said instead let’s concentrate on exactly how to improve your interaction with the employer and effectively answer the most important questions asked in the interview.

Tell something about yourself

The hiring manager may start the interview with very simple and basic question. So far he/she has just read your resume but now is the chance to know you as a person. He/she may be keen to know things about you. But how you frame your answers and what all you unravel is important to consider. You have applied for sales job so start with your professional accomplishments. Though the hiring manager has complete idea about your excelling career journey but as of now you can elaborate on it, stating the difficulty levels, the tactics adopted and the awards received.

Where would you wish to see yourself down the line

Managers may reflect their willingness to know your ambition and goals 5 years or 10 years down the line? Reports reveal that candidates usually come up with some sort of generic emotional answers but this is not what your managers willing to hear. Instead come up with answers that reflect your indigenous future career planning. Don’t come up with abrupt responses instead take time to analyze. Gain complete knowledge of different positions in the hierarchy and the roles and responsibilities shared at each level.

How to get up there

It is fuming to know that people want to reach the higher end of the hierarchy in their respective job profile but have not considered how to construct the path. Recruiters may react irritatingly to such replies. Therefore it is wiser to pre-plan and chalk a career journey. No body wishes to hear complete details but just stating your short term goals and long term accomplishments would suffice the purpose.

What is the salary expectation

Did you react modestly when your hiring manager asked about your salary expectation? Or are you afraid of earning good money? Answers like “fair salary” or “something that pays off my efforts well” leave a wrong impression. Don’t be afraid to open up your salary demands. Sales people are more obsessed by their earnings and it’s not by accident but in actual that good sales professionals earn a lot. So do not hesitate to mention your expectations. Candidates who are candid and specific about their salary are considered as more confident and professional.

What motivates you

Managers usually ask this question as sales is a challenging job. Reaching out to the potential customers, talking to them, explaining them about the product, convincing them to purchase the product and services and in the end finally closing the deal is not as easy as it sounds. Experts delve to reflect that life of a sales person is not as smooth as other professionals. “He/she goes through several complexities and snubs before the revenue for the company is actually generated”. Many professionals go disheartened and disgruntled and leave the job but few choose to sustain long amid several motivators. Hiring managers are all keen to know what really motivates you and what will keep you going in adversities.

Proud Player

Reflect your sense of pride of being associated with the profession. Talk about your accomplishments and share about your proudest moment.

Willing to relocate

Being a sales professional, hiring manager expects you to come up with “yes’ as an answer to this question. As the job profile is about reaching out to customers across different boundaries and involves lot of travelling. Therefore those willing to relocate and explore different locations will be on the top of the preferred list while others may suffer. For example, if you are looking for sales job in Pune but unwilling to relocate to new places then chances of your elimination become prominent.

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