CBSE Class 8 Periodic Assessment General Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) Test Paper

CBSE Periodic Assessment test paper for class 8. Class 8 CBSE Periodic Assessment test paper for General Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology).

Periodic Assessment Test Paper Class 8

CBSE Class 8 General Science – Biology, Physics and Chemistry test paper. Questions are arranged subject-wise below.

Exam TypePeriodic Assessment Class Test
Class8, CBSE
SubjectGeneral Science (GS) – Physics, Chemistry and Biology
Time1 Hour

Class 8 CBSE Periodic Assessment – Physics Test Paper

Fill in the blanks (1 x 3 = 3)

  1. A force arises due to ————- between two objects.
  2. The strength of the force is expressed by ite —-
  3. —————– force always acts opposite to the motion of the object.

Answer the following (3 X 2 = 6)

  1. (i) Give four effects of force. Write one example for each.
  2. (ii) Does the application of a force would always result in a change in the state of motion of the object? Explain with an example.
  3. Explain – (i) Why magnetic force is said to be a non-contact force? (ii)Why muscular force is said to be a contract force?

Class 8 CBSE Periodic Assessment – CHEMISTRY Test Paper

Fill in blanks (1X2 = 2)

  1. —————— is the first fully synthetic fibre
  2. Synthetic fibres are synthesized from raw materials called ————

Answer the following (2X3 = 6)

  1. (a) Why plastic containers are favoured for storing food?
  2. (b) What are the characteristics of synthetic fibres?
  3. Explain the difference between thermoplastic and thermosetting plastics with the help of suitable examples.

Class 8 CBSE Periodic Assessment – BIOLOGY Test Paper

Answer the following

  1. Name 4 traditional methods of irrigation (1 Mark)
  2. If wheat is sown in the Kharif season what would happen? (Mark 1)
  3. What is a seed drill? Give advantages of using a seed drill. (2 Marks)
  4. What is essential for plants Give a reason. (2 Marks)
  5. Lis the differences between fertilisers and manure. (2 Marks)

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