Boost Your Professional Network Through LinkedIn With These 10 Exceptional Tips!

LinkedIn is a professional hub. It is a social media for professionals that can help them build LinkedIn and flourish their career, business and network. So, if you are also looking for a place to build yourself an extensive and powerful professional network, then here are some tips you need to keep in mind when using

1. Join Professional Groups on LinkedIn

Build your rapport through joining a group of your professional circle, groups of your alumni, groups of networking and motivation, and those groups that can give you professional advices. After joining, share content, engage and interact by giving advice and reading through content posted by others. All these activities will allow you to find and interact with likeminded individuals.

2. Pay to Advertise

Grow your network by advertising yourself to the world using sponsor ads with captivating graphics and motivational two-liners that grab the attention of others within two seconds. There are many services that take payment to introduce your exposure to the world, bursting your network growth in return.

3. Show the World Who You Are

Create a professional page that includes a profile picture. Profile pages with no photos can give a shady impression. In addition to this, concentrate on professional impression, and stay away from meaningless and outdated phrases such as “results orientated, passionate, and dedicated” etc.

4. Observe and Calculate Your Success

On LinkedIn you can calculate and observe everything- whether it is viewing which post is being read, which invitations are being accepted and so on. You can also view advanced analytics to check your page views and attraction ratios, and work at increasing or decreasing your strategy and tactics for network growth.

5. Add Your Colleagues from Current and Past Workplaces

Connect with your old and current colleagues to build up your network quickly. A word of advice, keep your profile updated so that you find the optimum number of colleagues through search. Your old colleagues will help you build your image and reputation. Your old colleagues, team members or even bosses can give you strong testimonials and recommendations. These testimonials appear on your profile, and it would help others to learn more about your personality.

6. Build Your Network with a Personal Touch

You will not gain any interest if your profile is boring. Bring a little personal touch to your profile by sharing your values or passions that make you stand out from the crowd. Your personal touch will allow other professionals to approach your profile for your individuality. Everyone has different set of skills, and stating your special skills in the profile would help to attract great work opportunities.

7. Book Services and Announce Deals

LinkedIn is a great platform to promote your brand by booking services, announcing deals and introducing ongoing activities. Many will come to view your business page to check out what is new with your business and eventually engage.

8. Numbers Can Be Amazingly Powerful

The best way to grow your LinkedIn network is through engaging. It is important to remember that more is always less on social media platforms. Increase your social circle, engage with people and build your numbers to generate strategic partnership, referral exchange or revenue.

9. Follow The Three C’s of Success

Focus on driving your business by following the rule of three C’s: consistency, context and content. Content helps you communicate with your users and context helps you decide your content interpretation, whereas consistency builds trust within your customers.

10. Say Hello But Do Not Spam

An email once in a while is enough. But, if you are sending email after email to your LinkedIn connections, you are throwing your hard work down the drain. Spammers lose connections, business and their self-value.

Follow these tips and you will be flourishing at LinkedIn in no time.

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