Kerala PSC Questions: Top Questions on Agriculture

  1. Father of Organic Farming movement – Sir Albert Howard
  2. The loss of fertile top soil is called Soil Erosion
  3. Development of Agricultural ecosystems intended to be sustainable and self sufficient – Permaculture
  4. Agricultural System of terminating cultivation in a particular land when the soil shows signs of exhaustion and allowing the land to revert to its natural vegetation by changing cultivation to another plot is known as – Shifting Cultivation 
  5. Farming along with some other agricultural based practice like poultry, diary farming or bee keeping is known as Mixed Farming
  6. Agriculture production system which uses small input of capital and labour in a large area is called – Extensive Farming
  7. The science of improving crop varieties is called – Plant Breeding 
  8. Transportation of food in plants takes place through? – Phloem
  9. With which crop is the name “Jaya” associated? – Rice
  10. Who was the Agricultural Scientist , who gave leadership to the “Green Revolution”?  – Dr. M.S. Swaminathan
  11. The “Operation flood” associated? – Effort for increasing production of milk.
  12. A seed dispersed with the help of hairs on it is – Cotton
  13. There are mainly two types of Crops – Food Crops and Cash Crops
  14. The food crops such as Cereals and Pulses are grown to meet the food demand of the people
  15. Cash crops are two types – Plantation crops and field crops
  16. Tea, Coffee, rubber etc are plantation crops
  17. Cotton, Jute, Sugarcane, oilseeds, tobacco etc. are field crops.

Agricultural revolutions

  • Green Revolution : Agricultural Production
  • White Revolution : Milk and Diary Products
  • Silver Revolution : Egg Production
  • Blue Revolution : Fisheries development
  • Yellow Revolution : Oilseed Production
  • Golden Revolution : Honey, Horticulture
  • Pink Revolution : Drugs and Pharmaceuticals
  • Golden fibre revolution – Jute production
  • Gray revolution : Housing development
  • Silver Fibre Revolution : Cotton Production
  • Brown Revolution : Leather, Cocoa
  • Rainbow revolution : All round revolution in agriculture
  • Red revolution : Meat and Tomato

Branches of Agriculture

  • Sericulture : rearing of silk worms
  • Olericulture : study of cultivation of vegetables
  • Horticulture : Cultivation of flowers, fruits and ornamental plants
  • Pisciculture : art of rearing fishes
  • Apiculture : bee keeping
  • Vermiculture : breeding of worms useful to farmers
  • Silviculture : forest planting
  • Viticulture : grape cultivation
  • Floriculture : cultivation of flowering plants
  • Arboriculture : cultivation of trees and vegetables
  • Cuniculture : is related to Rabbit
  • Mariculture : Marine Fish Cultivation

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