8 Best Engineering Colleges apart from the IIT’s

India is country of engineers. People here, admire and respect engineers like no other profession. Each parent wishes that their child is an engineer and every science student’s primary aim is to clear the Joint Entrance exams (JEE) and get into the prestigious Indian Institute of Technologies.

The Indian education system, is not only about the IIT’s. There is no question that they are the best, but there are other good enough if not better than IIT’s in India. Here are 10 best engineering colleges in India apart from IIT’s.

1. Birla Institute of Technology and Science

BITS is one of the top engineering colleges in India after the IIT’s. Located in Pilani, Goa and Hyderabad. This is a deemed university that primarily deals with undergraduate education in engineering and science. Established in 1964, they hold their own entrance exam – BITSAT. The admissions are based on the merit, assessed by BITSAT. This is a fully residential college and is privately owned.

2. National Institute of Technology

Previously known has Regional Engineering Colleges, which was governed by the state governments. They were founded to promote regional diversity and multi-cultural understanding in India. In 2007, these institutes were declared as Institutes of National Importance by the Indian Government. They intake students via the Joint Entrance Exam Main. National Institutes of Technology are one of the best in country. The top ones are rated as Trichy, Warangal, and Rourkela and so on.

3. Indian School of Mines

Top Ranking students from the JEE get admitted to this prestigious college. Located in Dhanbad, ISM was established by the British Indian Government in 1926 on the same lines as the Royal School of Mines, London. An institute that started at a mining educational college has now grown into a full-fledged technical institute of international acclaim. They over Bachelors, Masters in science and engineering and MBA degrees. It is one of the top 10 ranked institutes in India.

4. Delhi Technological University

Formerly known as Delhi College of Engineering, DTU is one of the premier government university in India. Located in Delhi, it was affiliated of university of Delhi, though in 2009 it was given a university status and changed its name from Delhi College of Engineering to Delhi Technical University. It shares its admission process for various B.E course with Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, and intake students who clear the required eligibility criteria via JEE mains.

5. Faculty Council of Engineering & Technology (Jadavpur University)

Located in Kolkata, JU is a premier public research university. Faculty Council of Engineering and Technology, is ranked in the top 15 engineering institutes of India.

6. Anna University

AU is a technical university in Tamil Nadu. It encompasses about 250 engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu. Some of the most prominent ones are College of engineering in Guindy, Madras Institute of Technology, ACT and SAP campuses etc.

7. International Institute of Information Technology

Located in Hyderabad, IIIT is an autonomous university. Established in 1997, this institute has quickly grown the list to become one of the top Computer Science Institutes in the country.

8. Indian Institute of Information Technology

These are a group of institutes that are focused on information technology. These are established and funded by the Ministry of Human Resource Development.  You would have to give your JEE to secure a spot in this coveted institute.

India has plethora of engineering colleges. From state-owned, center owned to privately owned – Some of these institutes are top notch and in the same league as the Indian Institute of Technologies. If you are dreaming to become an engineer and have made it your life dedication – these above are also great institutes that you can look into.

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