5 Tips to Learn How to Follow Up on an Important Job Interview

Following up with a potential employer is an important part of the job search process but it is often overlooked by the majority. It is not only important to dress up and show for an interview on time but it is equally important to follow up after 5 or 10 days with the interviewer. If you have never realized the importance of doing so while you seek for jobs, then now is the time to learn how you can follow up and how fruitful it might be for your career. Take a look at the following 6 most effective ways to do it:

1. Write Down Important Notes

Write down your questions and notes about the interview the minute you get home before you forget them; what went wrong, where did you get confused, what you must work on, etc. Each and every detail that you write will be very useful for you to decide on the tone of your follow-up note.

2. Do Not Forget To Write Individual Thank You Notes

Write a thoughtful thank you note on some blank note cards to each person that you met on the interview. Make sure you write a very well-written note that will play an important part in deciding between you and the other candidates. You would find many sample ‘thank you’ notes online but it is important to write a genuine message from heart. Since your note card will not have enough room to write so keep it simple, making sure each interviewer’s thank you note is slightly different from the other.

3. Shoot A Follow-Up Email

Make sure your follow-up email is short and sweet. A perfect rule is writing not more than three paragraphs, with no more than three sentences in each paragraph. The first paragraph should have a short thank you note for giving you their precious time. Make sure you discuss your strengths and how you would benefit the company, if hired. You can point out any clarifications that you might have in the third paragraph. You can always include answers that you were not able to give during the interview but make sure you keep it brief.

4. Double-Check The Names Of The Interviewers

It is not like you still go to school where you can let Assignment Valley help in assignments and do the spell-check for you. It is your job to make sure that the entire letter looks error-free and you use the correct spellings of the interviewers’ name. Ever the minor grammatical and spelling mistakes will make it difficult for you to get through, making you seem extremely careless.

5. Break Through The Silence

If the interviewer said she would let you know by Thursday but you hear no reply from the organization, do not hesitate to call or email. Try again if you do not get a reply but after a few days or you might annoy the hiring manager too. Keep in mind that your constant messages and calls are not annoying for the interviewers as long as they are brief and polite. Most interviewers are likely to be impressed by your interest in the job and perseverance. Nonetheless, worry less about how you are perceived; rather see how you can contribute to the organization. If you are not using the most effective methods of follow-up after a job interview, then you are definitely missing out on the perfect chance to score some points that could push you over the top. Follow the tips stated above and secure your jobs by impressing the interviewers from now on.

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