5 Skype Interview Tips

More and more hiring managers today are utilizing the infamous online video chat tool to filter out candidates. Whether through the telephone, face-to-face, or a video conferencing tool, you want to be the one selected by all means. You may think you’re off the hook with a Skype interview, but that’s not always the case. Where one method has pros, it also has some overlooked cons.

One of the major problems with a Skype interviews is that it is a “remote interview”. Remote interviews have more communication barriers present than the direct, face-to-face interview. Lack of preparation for this one can also affect your chances of earning the job or opportunity you seek.

Don’t fret! Listed below is what you need to know before you give Skype interview.

Tip 1) Check Your Backgrounds:

While the focus should be on you, an interviewer can’t help noticing other details through your Skype interview. And from an interviewer’s point of view, sometimes the details make all of the difference.

Having inappropriate posters in the background, cigarettes, an unmade bed sheet, or other messy clutter is a major misstep. No matter how well dressed you are, your background will be considered thoughtless and you will also seem overall un-prepared and un-professional. It’s best to stick to plain, less-cluttered backgrounds that appear neutral.

Tip 2) Dress Right:

It goes without saying that you need to be dressed just right for the interview. Being able to video chat easily through your laptop or another portable anywhere and at any time, shouldn’t be taken for granted. Make sure you are well-prepared before the interview and have the environment in mind. Dress up, adjust your background, charge your battery, and be ready!

Talking on a small device in a crowded supermarket or in your bed wearing pajamas will send forth the message that you were unprepared. It is also useful to try and determine the job requirements before the interview. For a professional position, you might want to be formally dressed (collared, buttoned shirt, suit jacket). However, if you are simply a student looking forward to an international tour, dressing up in a suit jacket may not be — suitable.

Tip 3)Check the Skype name:

The Skype name is usually the first thing the interviewer would see, and thus it’ll be the first thing on which your first impression would depend.So don’t use something highly-informal like “prettybabe78” or “jackcoolguy101”, etc.

Tip 4) Practice, Practice, and Practice:

Everyone you know must have Skype and you can use that to your advantage. Ask a friend to help you practice on Skype prior to the interview. If you’re not used to video calls, it will surely feel awkward. You’d want to get used to this feeling before the actual interview.

Also, check your web cam settings, the lighting in your room necessary for accurate display, and any other necessary adjustments that must be made. Once your web cam and background is set, ask your friend what he thinks is missing. Try a round of typical interview questions with your friend and ask for honest feedback.

Tip 5) Take it slowly:

A Skype interview generally has time lags. This is normal and usually unavoidable (unless you consider a different connection). This could cause confusion if you have a tendency to speak fast (and many do out of nervousness). A good rule of thumb is to wait until you are 100 percent sure your interviewer has finished speaking before you reply. Speaking fast or without thinking is not advised in any interview set-up. Give yourself some time to think before you speak and in this case, be sure that the other has finished speaking. Take it slow and you’ll be fine!

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