5 Pitfalls of Salary Negotiation That Every Fresh Grad Must Keep In Mind

We live in an imperfect world and are less likely to get exactly what we want! So, when it comes to applying for a job, it hits almost every individual how they are going to negotiate their salary with the respective employer if they make it to the final interview. Of course, when one applies for a job, he has an expected salary in mind and can sometimes also have a fair idea of what he is going to be offered. And, the offer usually depends on the credentials of the candidate, nature of job and the image of that company. Though, at all times, one must be prepared to demand what one deserves, and one must never settle for anything less than. But while doing so, one must also be cautious of the following 5 common Pitfalls when negotiating salary!


The tone and pitch of your voice informs your interviewer how confident you are. Weak, shaky voice is the last thing an interviewer would be expecting of a highly-potential employee.
And as silly as it seems, it is bound to happen if you are caught off-guard! Therefore, the best way to sound confident and avoid long, uncomfortable pauses, when an offer is made to you, is to be well prepared in advance. Hence, well-acquaint yourself with your market value and the position that you have applied for, before appearing to the final interview!


If you lose it here, you have lost it all! Do not demand more than you are worth, just for the sake of your ego-boost! Does it bother that your friends are earning more than you are offered? Well, perhaps they are better or luckier than you are! Do not spoil your chance by doing false reasoning with yourself and your prospective employer! Be genuine and put forward vividly logical arguments!


If you have planned this negotiation ahead of time, you will never sound irresolute or unsure. Trust yourself and be confident when you bargain the best deal for yourself! Do not hesitate or make assumptions as to what would their response be! You have made a fair request and they are definitely going to consider it, provided you strongly persist with your presented arguments!

Employers usually respect and value strong and determined individuals with logical mindsets and rational approach!


Once you have put forward your arguments, wait for the interviewer’s response. And if they stand still on their offer, do not go on defending yourself and dragging the conversation. Take your decision! Take the job if the offer is close to what you had in mind. Though if the offer is awfully low, gather some courage and reject the job! Compromising on your needs and requirements can easily shrink away your energy and motivation to work.

Also, if you badly need a job, then politely request some time from the interviewer and inform them of your decision later on call or via e-mail, once you have discussed it with your friends or family.


It is okay to request some time to take a decision if you want to give the offer a second thought. But bear in mind, while you are sitting and wondering whether you want to do it or not, there are others ready to take your place, getting closer to the job with each moment that you waste! And if the employers need a resource urgently, the delay can cost you the job!

It is quite possible that in spite of taking care of the above mentioned pitfalls, you still may end up losing a job opportunity. Because sometimes, even knowing that you deserve the job, the employer won’t increase the offer, he may have budget-constraints or some other equally justified concerns. In that case, you can simply tell yourself that you were too good for that job.

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