The best courses and career options after 12th

Bachelors in Business Administration

If you have struggled with the subjects of Science or have a strong business background and you aim to look forward towards specializing in the field of business and marketing, then bachelors in business administration is the kind of course and a program you should really go for. The extensive three to four year program will offer you great learning and exposure as well as tremendous opportunities to find relevant work experience in terms of the internship and various other training programs. This degree program will provide you with many alternative career options in the field of business and marketing.

Diploma of Accounting

If you are looking for a short and brief education program where you get to learn the very basics and important tools of the accounting field, then a diploma in accounting is another credible course you can take on. This course only covers accounting and the biggest drawback is its limited scope, where you can only find career options related to the field of finance and accounts.

Association of Chartered Certified Accountancy or Chartered Accountancy

If you are looking to master yourselves in the field of finance and want to truly have high level recognition after your education, then going for either Association of Chartered Certified Accountancy or Chartered Accountancy program is the best option for you. These two fields are similar with the difference being the earlier one comes from the British education system. They offer a long duration of course and internship programs, where a student is taken through stages of various accounting programs where they learn and master both theory as well as practical stuff.

Media Science

As the penetration and awareness has grown, media has become a strong field in the education as well as careers as well. It offers various attractive career options and a very creative degree program, where students are taught the basics of media planning, the science behind media and other similar courses.

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