10 readings to learn English

Do you often use reading as an educational resource? The truth is that the benefits of this are very significant and numerous, so I encourage you to incorporate into your regular tools. In foreign language classes, it is even more important! Also, encourage reading in the classroom is a great way to work on values while learning English . All are advantages! Do not miss any recommendations that we bring, organized by age, so that your students can learn while having great:

Elementary (6 to 12 years)

Little Red Riding Hood: Working with a classic, a story more familiar and small, can be a great idea for the first reading as it will be more difficult to lose and decrease their motivation.
I’m reading !: Designed for smaller, in this website you will find a large number of readings and resources to practice and improve their English. Do not miss it!

Folk Tales: A Selection with traditional best-known stories, the story of ‘The Tortoise and the Hare’ to ‘The story of the ugly duckling’, so you can choose the one that best suits your students. Which one is your favorite?

Bugaboo the Wicked Witch: The story of a somewhat simplistic witch who decides to become good after taking a swipe at his head. But having power and not knowing the best way to use it can be very dangerous!

Dracula and his family: Had you ever thought that the life and routine of Count Dracula can be like any of us? Find out with your students in this story with great illustrations!

Secondary (12 to 16)

Detective stories: Collection of detective stories, including some well-known stories of the author Arthur Conan Doyle . Performed a review of the history of the genre, from the rationality of Sherlock Holmes to modern pieces that are presented to criminal as anti-hero. Elementary, my dear … right?

The picture of Dorian Grey: A classic Oscar Wilde that your students can not miss. Its publication in 1890 sparked heated debates about art and morality and deeply shook the Victorian society. Want to know why?

Oliver Twist: This classic Charles Dickens tells the adventures and hardships of Oliver Twist, a poor orphan living in London in the early nineteenth century. Will he be able to succeed Oliver’s innocence despite the hunger and misery?

Great classics: A full page in which you’ll find a selection of short texts of classics of world literature. Some of them include audio so you can hear and practice your pronunciation.
Relationships: This exciting book contains fragments of romances of some of the most representative authors of English literature of the twentieth century, from George Orwell to Virginia Woolf and James Joyce. Essential!

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